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Science activity #49787, updated 29 April 2022

Delta Landscapes Primary Production Project

Description / purpose

This project compares first-order estimates of primary production among five major groups of primary producers, historically and today, to better identify the potential food production of different habitat types, and inform restoration actions that could increase food availability for wildlife.

Activity status

  • 1 Awarded / Initiating (2016)
  • 2 In progress / Ongoing (2016 - 2020)
  • 3 Complete

Funding summary

Total allocated funding: $1,472,717

Label Value
Contract # or labor code None
Implementing organization San Francisco Estuary Institute [SFEI]
Funding organization Delta Stewardship Council
Funding Source Delta Stewardship Council - General Fund
Date of award 2017-06-01
Date of fiscal year-end Not provided
Total award amount $1,472,717
State type of obligation Not provided
Federal type of obligation Not provided
Reimbursability Not provided
Procurement mechanism Contracted competitive or direct award
Annual expenditures

2016 - $718586.00

2017 - $238414.00

2018 - $0.00

2019 - $15724.00

2020 - $274845.00

2021 - $225148.00


Delta regions

Geographic tags

None specified

Products and outputs

Type Title Description Views
Link Delta Landscapes Primary Production Project Website Project webpage for the Delta Landscapes Primary P 5
Report Delta Landscapes Primary Production: Past, Present, Future. This report quantifies how landscape change in the 4
File On the Human Appropriation of WetlandPrimary Production Article published in Science of the Total Environm 2