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Synchrony of Native Fish Movements: Synthesis Science Towards Adaptive Water Management in the Central Valley (FishSync)

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Salmon and other native California fishes are in decline and increasingly targeted for enhanced conservation. Acoustic telemetry technologies have emerged, allowing researchers to track fish routes through the Central Valley. Yet while the use of acoustic telemetry has widened, little synthesis has occurred on the large, growing, and expensive datasets that already exist. The main goal of the project is to conduct a synthesis study of existing and high priority telemetry datasets for native and non-native fishes in the Central Valley. Using synchrony of movement rates, through space and time, we will develop a novel behavior-based statistical framework to gain understanding into the environmental conditions that promote movement/passage of diverse native fishes in the Central Valley. The project includes a Technical Advisory Group, composed of members of multiple conservation teams. The group will inform each step of study, strengthen syntheses, and enable rapid communication of results to decision makers. In total, the project will analyze 10 to 15 high-quality telemetry datasets encompassing a range of native fishes and life stages. This synthesis will yield major insights into water management practices that could help improve survival of native fish.

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  • 1 Awarded / Initiating (2019)
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Total allocated funding: $742,415

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Contract # or labor code 18204
Implementing organization University of California - Davis [UC Davis]
Funding organization U.S. Bureau of Reclamation [USBR]
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Date of award 2019-06-30
Date of fiscal year-end Not provided
Total award amount $742,415
State type of obligation Contract
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File Intraspecific variation in migration timing of green sturgeon in the Sacramento River system Journal Article: Understanding movement patterns o 0

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