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Science activity #49810, updated 14 December 2022

Operation Baseline Project 2A1: USGS Pilot Studies

Description / purpose

Two pilot studies were funded to establish a baseline in open water and shallow wetland habitats prior to the WWTP upgrade. Study 1: Nutrient concentrations, transformation rates, and links to the foodweb. Study 2: Method to improve monitoring using fixed stations coupled with high-speed boat measurements

Activity status

  • 1 Awarded / Initiating (2017)
  • 2 In progress / Ongoing (2017 - 2021)
  • 3 Complete

Funding summary

Total allocated funding: $595,700

Label Value
Contract # or labor code None
Implementing organization U.S. Geological Survey [USGS]
Funding organization Delta Stewardship Council
Funding Source Delta Stewardship Council - General Fund
Date of award 2017
Date of fiscal year-end Not provided
Total award amount $595,700
State type of obligation Not provided
Federal type of obligation Not provided
Reimbursability Not provided
Procurement mechanism Contracted competitive or direct award


Delta regions

Geographic tags

None specified

Products and outputs

Type Title Description Views
Data USGS Data Release Assessing spatial variability of nutrients and rel 10
Link Data Visualization Portal USGS Tableau data visualization portal: Delta high 13
Data USGS Data Release Characterization of water residence time, nutrient 2