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Science activity #53751, updated 7 March 2024

Defining the architecture and recurrence interval for faults in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Assessing Potential Geohazards

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This project aimed to create a detailed fault map for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta by mapping the faults throughout the Delta waterways. The project began with a review of existing data and reports, then a high-resolution seismic reflection and sidescan sonar survey, and finally, collection/analysis, including radiocarbon dating, of sediment cores to create the first detailed fault maps for the Delta waterways. The project worked to constrain the significant rupture histories of the Kirby Hills and Midland Faults, which is important for understanding the potential of future earthquakes.

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  • USGS marine technicians Jenny White and Pete Dal Ferro, with the help of SDSU professor Dr. Jillian Maloney, recover the vibracore on board the Retriever, while collecting sediment cores in the Sacramento River. Shannon Klotsko.
  • Delta Science Fellow Shannon Klotsko with a Chirp, a highresolution seismic reflection instrument used to image the layers below the water bottom (seafloor, river floor, etc.). Amy Gusick
  • Dr. Jillian Maloney and Dr. Shannon Klotsko of San Diego State University on the fantail of the Retriever after a day of collecting vibracores in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Courtesy photo


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