Organization #49606

California Department of Pesticide Regulation [DPR]


The stated mission of DPR is "to protect human health and the environment by regulating pesticide sales and use, and by fostering reduced-risk pest management." DPR's work includes: ... encouraging development and adoption of least-toxic pest management practices through incentives and grants.

Science activities led

#50081 Endangered Species Project →
#50082 Pesticide Use Reporting →
#50180 Surface Water Protection Program →

Science activities contributed to

#49816 The effects of early hypersaline acclimation due to climate change on the toxicity of pyrethroid, an insecticide, in salmonids. →
#50118 Aquatic Invasive Species Program [CDFW] →
#50140 Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment Program [GAMA] →
#50145 Stream Pollution Trends Monitoring Program [SPOT] →
#50180 Surface Water Protection Program →

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April 29, 2022