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San Francisco State University [SFSU]


From San Francisco State University, you can go anywhere. Our graduates are now leaders in fields from journalism, creative writing and film to technology, science, business, government and education. The Romberg Tiburon Campus at the SFSU has supported maritime commerce, naval defense and training, and marine science and education for over a century, and is especially well suited to support the interdisciplinary mission of the EOS Center.

Science activities led

#49795 Operation Baseline Project 2C: Zooplankton, Romberg Tiburon Center, SFSU →
#49814 Mechanisms underlying the flow relationship of longfin smelt: I. Movement and feeding →
#49833 Climate change impacts to San Francisco Bay-Delta wetlands: Links to pelagic food webs and predictive responses based on landscape modeling →
#49835 Comparison of Nutrient Sources and Phytoplankton Growth and Species Composition in Two Rivers: Their Roles in Determining Productivity and Food Web Conditions in Suisun Bay and the Delta →
#49849 Habitat Values of Native SAV [Submerged Aquatic Vegetation] in the Low Salinity Zone of San Francisco Estuary →
#49852 Foodweb Support for the Threatened Delta Smelt and Other Estuarine Fishes in Suisun Bay and the Western Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta →
#49859 Resolving Contradictions in Foodweb Support for Native Pelagic Fishes →
#49889 The Role of Microcystis Blooms in the Delta Foodweb: A Functional Approach →
#49891 Modeling the Delta Smelt Population of the San Francisco Estuary →
#53771 Revealing the invisible contributors to the diets of larval longfin smelt and striped bass in the San Francisco Estuary. →

Science activities contributed to

#49780 Monitoring and Evaluation of the North Delta Food Subsidies and Colusa Basin Drain Study →
#49809 Operation Baseline Project 1: Conceptual Framework →
#50102 San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve →

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