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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA]


NOAA is an American scientific and regulatory agency within the United States Department of Commerce that forecasts weather, monitors oceanic and atmospheric conditions, charts the seas, conducts deep sea exploration, and manages fishing and protection of marine mammals and endangered species in the U.S. exclusive ...

Science activities led

#49896 Enhanced Acoustic Tagging, Analysis, and Real-Time Monitoring →
#49899 Developing an eDNA metabarcoding protocol to improve fish and mussel monitoring in the San Francisco Estuary →
#49938 Central Valley Enhanced Acoustic Tagging Project →
#50088 National Water Level Observation Network [NWLON] →
#50102 San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve →
#50179 Western Regional Climate Center [WRCC] - Weather Monitoring →
#50200 Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service - Precipitation Monitoring →
#50201 Local Climatological Data →
#50206 Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System [PORTS] →
#52916 Impact of Temperature and Contaminants on Chinook salmon survival: A Multiā€Stressor Approach →

Science activities contributed to

#49796 Habitat, hatcheries, and nonnative predators interact to affect juvenile salmon behavior and survival →
#49942 Marine Invasive Species Program [MISP] →
#50083 San Francisco Bay Bathymetry →
#50106 AmeriFlux Network →
#50143 Anadromous Fish Distribution →
#50144 Freshwater CyanoHABs Program [Blue-Green Algae Harmful Algal Blooms] →
#50147 Smelt Larva Survey →
#50148 Spring Kodiak Trawl Survey →
#50158 Multibeam Delta Bathymetry Surveys →
#50171 Sacramento District Water Control Data System [WCDS] →
#50179 Western Regional Climate Center [WRCC] - Weather Monitoring →
#50187 National Water Use Science Project [NWUSP] →
#53171 Standard Operating Procedure for Diagnosing and Addressing Predator Detections in Salmon Telemetry Data →
#53221 Impacts of predation and habitat on Central Valley Chinook smolt survival →
#53616 Monitoring Sacramento River winter-run Chinook salmon life history diversity, growth, and habitat use among varying hydroclimatic regimes →

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April 29, 2022